High performance treadmills engineered for streaming cardio classes and interval training.

Which treadmill is right for you?

Create your own immersive fitness studio at home, for less

7.8 AT Treadmill

The ultimate runner’s treadmill with a powerful deck and motor combination. Engineered for apps.



7.4 AT Treadmill

Performance running treadmill with an expanded deck and ultra-responsive motor. Engineered to integrate with running apps.



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7.0 AT Treadmill

Powerful treadmill built for tough workouts and engineered for fitness apps.



Horizon Studio Series

Horizon STUDIO Treadmills are dialed into the ways you want to work out.


Stream classes and sync your treadmill data with Bluetooth FTMS


Intuitive Quick Dial controls + faster speed & incline changes


Unmatched durability + premium components for your toughest runs


Strong warranty protection for peace of mind

Horizon Studio Series

Unmatched durability and smart features for a better run

Ultra Responsive

Eliminate lags between speed transitions with the powerful Rapid Sync drive system

Intuitive Controls

Dial in your speed and incline changes without breaking your stride

Uncompromising Quality

Conquer your toughest runs on a heavy-duty folding frame with supportive cushioning and backed by a lifetime warranty

Tested by Experts

Rigorously tested and recommended by the experts in running.

Tested by leading experts.

Runner’s World 2023 Fitness Awards

“Instead of locking you into its own training ecosystem, Horizon keyed in on features to give you greater control over your workout.”

Runner’s World

Forbes Vetted 2022

“The Horizon 7.0 AT is one of the most impressive sub-thousand-dollar treads I've encountered. It's built well, is extremely quiet and offers a host of options for customizing your workouts. Basically, it's the perfect platform for you to bring your app-based training indoors.”